Feel energetic - Become fully engaged -  Be deeply committed to what you love to do -  Stretch and expand yourself -  Keep priorities clear - Stop procrastinating - Get things done -  Live creatively -  Feel enthusiastic. 

Ready to leave your comfort zone and explore new ways of accomplishing?

Peak Performance takes you beyond simply coping well with life.  Peak Performance means living fully and embracing new interests and activities while maintaining and increasing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Peak Performers are not just your elite athletes, leaders, performers, or corporate giants, we can all learn to aspire to more, do things better, and stretch further.  Peak Performance is a way of combining beliefs, skills, and personal qualities to create a pathway toward optimal performance and creative living.

Peak Performance is not about being a workaholic or a perfectionist it is about capturing and utilising your energy, focus, and skill.  When you embrace Peak Performance you will enjoy the process of self-discovery, and be at your best when discovering new strengths, potentials, and abilities.   

It is exciting to embrace the same qualities of empowerment and enhancement that Peak Performers enjoy.

When you do this you too can become a master of change.  Far from just accepting situations “as they are” you will learn to question and look for unique solutions to ongoing problems.  You can adopt and adapt Peak Performance skills, attitudes, belief systems, thought patterns, and qualities that will enhance your multi-focused life while still enjoying living balance.

We want you to know who you are and what you want, we want you to adopt a proactive style of life and stress management, and we definitely want you to prevent burnout.  Our psychodynamic coaching creates the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to create the energy of Peak Performance.  

About Dr Toby & Dr Bev

Your burnout to balance experts. Partners in Silverton McLagan Coaching, a global boutique coaching practice. Specialising in burnout, balance, and living life as a creative and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).