Feeling exhausted and stressed all the time - Can’t see any way out - Trying to ‘get through’ day to day - Digging in - Working harder - Pushing more - Feeling hopeless, or …
Begin to heal - Learn to take care of myself - Change my way of doing things -  Understand my stress - Look forward to the future - Have new dreams and goals -  never burnout again.

Burnout robs you of the energy, enthusiasm, and passion you need to live your life fully and successfully.

Women’s burnout is very prevalent in our culture.  Women are the caretakers, the nurturers, the ‘go to’ person at home and often at work.  Women are the ones saying ‘yes’ to everyone else while saying ‘no’ to themselves. 

Women believe that they can cope with the multiple tasks, roles, and demands on their lives while denying the burnout messages both mind and body are sending.  Burnout leaves you feeling exhausted, depleted, lost, constantly stressed, and then confused, hopeless, helpless, and trapped when it comes down to changing it.  You try to dig in deeper, hold on tighter, work harder, or pretend you are immune to all the multiple demands of life.  Burnout has a downhill spiralling effect:  it begins gradually in one area of life, but over time spreads throughout your life.  Ultimately burnout affects your motivation, attitudes, behaviour, relationships, physical health, and overall sense of well-being. 

We have a plan, a simple plan to help you change your “burnout lifestyle” once-and-for all.  Recovery is all about your choices.  We help you understand how you reached the point of burnout. We help you look at all aspects of your life and learn how to respond to the pressures associated with them in more creative and healthier ways.  At the same time we work with you to develop proactive and effective life and stress management skills. We encourage you to take conscious and regular steps to rejuvenate and reenergize yourself.  We want you to develop ways to avoid burnout in the future.  

Burnout kills.

Burnout kills your enjoyment for living, the best parts of yourself, and your vision of the future.  Our goal goes beyond simply curing your burnout symptoms.  We want you to regain your energy, renew your spirit, dream new dreams, have the courage to be the best you can be, and achieve all of it in your own unique style of living balance and peak performance.

About Dr Toby & Dr Bev

Your burnout to balance experts. Partners in Silverton McLagan Coaching, a global boutique coaching practice. Specialising in burnout, balance, and living life as a creative and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).