Feel free to be, do, and have what you want  - Experience the power of self-approval -  Define your personal success -  Act on your ideas - Choose work that expresses your full self -  Let your creativity flourish -  Discover living balance - Create a life of your choice.   

Welcome to Bigger than Balance, Silverton McLagan Coaching’s specialty website for women.

Bigger than Balance is all about prospering, flourishing, and thriving.  It means being comfortable with who you are, at ease in your life and buoyant about your future.  We want you to have the power to create a life of your choice and to get what you really want.  When we say it is Bigger than Balance, we mean it: we will help you go from burnout > balance > bliss


We believe in change that lasts a lifetime.  To accomplish such change, we work from the inside out because knowing yourself and being yourself is the biggest step to self-acceptance, fulfillment, and bliss.  For many women the ongoing pressure of meeting the challenges and responsibilities of a multi-faceted life has become overwhelming.  Faced with all of the practical and emotional daily stresses and demands, they find themselves worn out, and having lost their clear sense of who they are, their direction, and purpose.

We work with women who want to change their lives.

We encourage women to reignite their sense of possibility, passion, and enthusiasm.  Bigger than Balance is about harnessing your imagination and your creativity so that you can discover and use the full potential of your mind, your emotions, your beliefs, and your talents.

If you know what you want from life and are determined to go after it, we are determined to help you get there.  Together we figure out what isn’t working in your life and then develop ways to make it work.  We help you discover what is blocking you, troubling you, holding you back;  uncover and heal wounds from the past;  and understand how your current life situation is linked to it all.  We want you to look at who you really are and to acknowledge your strengths and your many possiblilities.

Get ready to reignite a sense of possibility and prosperity in your life.   Recapture your sense of passion and enthusiasm, end burnout once and for all, live a more balance-friendly life, and accomplish all you want and more.  We focus on four primary areas: self-identity, living balance, burnout, and peak performance. So before you leave our website make sure you check out each specialty area to understand why this is Bigger than Balance.

We know our approach works.

We developed the Bigger than Balance approach by living it.   Now you too can experience the power to create a life of your choice, not just what you were handed.  We want you to live your dreams, or better yet,  live beyond your wildest dreams.  It worked for us, it works for our clients, and now it can work for you too.

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